Monsoon Dance

Bollywood and Yog


Monsoon Dance Kids Summer Camps keep our campers engaged in active learning with movement while having fun. 

Our instructors work on cultivating and nurturing student's interests in dance, theater, language, arts & crafts.

Week long camps are structured with unique cultural themes to make our campers globally aware citizens of the world.  

Every Camp concludes with a mini-showcase on the 5th day (Friday at 4 pm) for presentation of our campers learning and skill development.

Spots are limited per camp!! Spot is held only upon enrollment below.

9 AM to 4 PM
Inspired from the upbeat songs featured in Bollywood movies, campers will learn choreography, formations, costume planning and dance direction to make a Bollywood video starring themselves as dance superstars
Jun 3rd - Jun 7th
Campers will be involved in making a theater production with character assignment, props, scenes, dialogues & dance and also learn about Indian jungles & animal life
Jul 15th - Jul 19th
Aladdin Adventures:
Theater & Dance Camp
Inspired from the movie Aladdin this camp will focus on energetic and colorful presentation with dance and scenes complete with costumes & props in their final showcase
 Jul 22nd - Jul 26th
 Campers will work on a theater production to feature ancient tales of extraordinary valor and triumph of good over evil. Campers will also learn Hindi words in the script and about roots of mordern India along with Indian Folk Dances
 Jul 29th - Aug 2nd

Full day camp is from 9 AM to 4 PM for 5 days of the week (Monday to Friday) priced at $225 per student. Full day campers to bring lunch box, water bottle and 2-3 snacks every day. 

Daily activity schedule for each camp will be published week before the camp.