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Our Team

Meet our team of talented instructors and choreographers!

Shruti Anand

Founder and Choreographer

Shruti Anand takes her cues from peacocks, which are known for signaling the monsoon season by spreading their feathers and dancing in Indian folklore, or as the adage says, “dancing in the rain.”

Shruti, a professionally-trained Bharatanatyam dancer, started Monsoon Dance in 2012. Read more about her in Austonia. Shruti indulges our students with her energy in our Fitness and Choreography classes.

Arvind Subramanian

Dance Choreographer

Arvind always loved dancing but started learning, training, and performing formally in 2015. He started teaching in California in 2017 and has taught freestyle Bollywood, Hip hop, and dance fitness classes before moving to Austin in 2019.

He has trained, performed, and taught in Hip-hop, Contemporary, and Jazzfunk styles and tries to combine and integrate elements from all these styles in his choreography classes. He says, "Being part of the Monsoon dance family has been amazing with beautiful souls all around and we create a community of dancers, supporting and motivating each other to keep improving while having a blast."

Other than dancing, he loves playing and watching sports. His ideal weekend would be Saturday by the lake followed by Sunday on the beach, a true Piscean :).

Arvind coaches our Adults - Intermediate class, on Sundays. Ante up your dance skills and be ready for the challenge! 

Samanatha Logan

Fitness/ Yoga Instructor

Samantha started with the Monsoon family in 2019. Her motivation: "I love being a part of such a strong community with incredible women and men working together to make the world a little brighter. :)"

Her other interests include traveling and experiencing different tastes, smells, and sights. She also loves to work on cosplay and games together with her fiance. She holds a master's degree and works in education management assisting future and current educators obtain their teaching credentials here in the state of Texas.

Our Yoga classes are on Tuesdays & Saturdays.

Shikha Gangwar

Fitness & Dance Choreographer

Shikha has been with Monsoon Dance for the last three years but has been associated with dance fitness for almost a decade now. She loves dance fitness because of its 3D effect which works on the mind, body, and soul. Her dance fitness class is a total body workout where Bollywood moves are combined with fitness moves which makes this workout absolutely fun. All you need to do is dance, sweat, and smile. She loves being associated with Monsoon Dance because It keeps her connected with Bollywood dance and people who have the same love for dance and fitness. Apart from dancing her other interests are the gym, karaoke, and movies.

Nandhini Ramesh

Dance Choreographer

Nandhini has been dancing since she was about 12 years old. She was always fascinated with Indian movie songs and used to learn the hook steps of most popular songs by watching TV. She started performing while pursuing her Master's in Arizona at College and local community events. She continued her passion by performing at various events in San Francisco between 2014 to 2019. She moved to Austin in 2019 and has been a part of the Monsoon family since 2020. Nandhini likes dancing to Bollywood, Hip hop, and Kollywood/Kuthu styles. At Monsoon, she has been teaching the Bollywood Adults classes (on Sundays) and loves the atmosphere in the class and around the studio. When she is not keeping her students on their toes, she likes to play Volleyball, take camping trips, and do gardening. She loves dogs and has a 5-year-old furry baby.

Sarah Pleuthner 

Fitness/Yoga Instructor

Sarah has been a teacher at Monsoon Dance since January 2020. As a newly certified yoga instructor, she taught at Monsoon for exactly two months before the pandemic began. As many of you know, our teaching shifted to online and though it was a good experience, we are so glad to have many of you back in person!

Her prior experience as a teacher includes teaching third and fourth grades in the Round Rock school district. As a teacher and lifelong student, Sarah wants students to know that the yoga practice is for everyone. We come to the mat to slow down and breathe, reflect, move, observe, maybe discover new pathways, and find where that “edge” might lie on any given day. Our practice is mainly a slower Vinyasa flow. And so we invite you if you haven’t already done so, to come to join our community!

Kara Hinckley 

Kids Ballet Choreographer

Kara has trained in Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, and Contemporary dance since she was a young girl.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in dance education at Utah Valley University where she continued to train in Ballet and Modern for 4 years. She also studied Anatomy, Kinesiology, Improvisation, Choreography, Dance History, Dance in Elementry, World Dance Forms, Social Dance, Lighting and Production, and additional Secondary Education courses that included Educational Psychology, Multicultural Education, Classroom Management, and Instructional Media. Kara began her professional career choreographing for competition teams for local studios and for high school dance companies. 

Kara has been part of Monsoon for a little over a year now. She loves the sense of community and family that Monsoon offers. Be it pinning her dupatta or helping to learn the lyrics to a song, our Monsoon family has been there for her! Outside of dance, she enjoys rock climbing, pickleball, and spending time with her family!  

Aidan DeWitt  

Bollywood Dance and Jazz Choreographer

Aidan started with Monsoon during the Holi festival in 2021! Before monsoon, Aidan worked and trained as a professional ballet dancer and musical theatre performer. He performed at several theatres across the midwest in productions like "Newsies" and "The Littel Mermaid." He specializes in jazzy, energetic styles like Bhangra and Garba. Monsoon has been a crucial part of his journey in moving to Austin and he has loved every minute! He is also an avid yogi, an RYT-200 yoga teacher, a certified Flexologist, and a die-hard anime fan. In his free time, you'll likely find him doing handstands, meditating, or playing video games!

Aiden teaches our kids level 1, 2 & 3, and Jazz foundation classes. Our students learn and improve their skills month over month while having fun in his class. 

Tejaswini Ram

Adults & Kids Dance Choreographer

"Dancing and Twirling my life away one beat at a time“.

Trained in Indian classical dance form - Bharatnatyam, Tejaswini loves mixing and incorporating elements from it into her Bollywood fitness routine and also while teaching foundational techniques in her kid's classes. Having been with the Monsoon family since 2018, she mentions, "It has been nothing but a blessing to me right from the start. It has helped me hone my skills as a teacher and bring out so many qualities in me that I never knew existed before. Monsoon has provided me with a home away from home and I’ll always be grateful for it ❤️." She is also passionate and has an inclination toward art and crafts. She spends her weekends creating some art pieces like nameplates for beautiful homes. Check out her page on Instagram and Facebook: @kykrafts.

Shauna Jefferson

Fitness and Dance Choreographer

After joining the Monsoon studio in Feb 2020 and becoming a Guru, Shauna feels more confident and empowered. After having children, she put dancing on hold to focus on her family, but her love of dance never faded away, and to come back into the dance world through Monsoon Bollywood Yoga & Dance has been inspirational for her. She used to work mostly with children in the dance world, however, it has been a fun transition into teaching adults. All of our lights shine brighter together. She's excited to add Bollywood to her long list of dance genres that she can proudly say that she knows and loves to do.

One of her favorite things about Bollywood and Indian music, in general, is how wonderfully diverse it is. The way the different cadences are layered on top of each other with the entricit beats and musical timings, as well as the beautiful melodies; it's all just so much fun to dissect when creating movements to the music.

She absolutely loves how Indian music keeps her on her toes and challenges her to think differently with her approach to choreography. What gets her going: "It's so fun to infuse my other dance styles, such as ballet, hip hop, and jazz into my movements to help tell stories and show the wide range of emotions in my dance pieces."