Monsoon Dance

Bollywood and Yog


Ready to make your First Dance OR Reception Entry a memorable experience for you and for everybody watching? Have your very own Bollywood dream sequence song picked out?
We can work with you on one-on-one basis and provide instruction and choreography (Bollywood or other dance forms) suited to you and your partners skill level and needs (costume, dance floor, flavor of a certain part of South Asia).

Attending a Indian/ Bollywood wedding and want to dedicate a special performance for the bride and groom?
We have Bollywood weddings songs and choreography (kids OR adult appropriate) just right for the "Baraat" or "Sangeet" or the wedding that we can teach you or a special couple (Example: parents of bride) or the entire bridal party. Want to surprise everybody with a Bollywood FlashMob.... We can help you put on the best show.

Send us an email to or Call 512 765 MNSN for scheduling and pricing information.

Interested in having Bollywood dancers or instructors at your special occassion to get your guests grooving and learning some Bollywood moves?  Send us an email to