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We learn and recreate the steps of some fun Indian songs in each class. 

Does performing on stage give you the kick?! We do have recitals and performances at events around the city where our students perform.
Stage performances are optional but encouraged to build confidence and give a sense of closure to our students. 

Dance moves range from slow and graceful to fast and energetic mixing a variety of Indian/ Bollywood dance steps at times fused with freestyle bollywood, Indian semi-classical, Bhangra, and hip-hop styles. 

All adults are welcome - any age, men & women!

We have two levels of Adults Choreography sessions:

1. Adults - Beginners level choreography: Easy and fun steps for everybody with little or no experience in dancing. Classes are structured to welcome you into an environment of positivity and learn basic dance steps keeping rhythm and beats.

2. Adults - Intermediate level choreography: Prior dance experience is recommended. Choreography is challenging with formations and unique movements bringing out your inner performing zest, full of confidence and attitude.


Join the choreography sessions to discover the dancer in you! Don't forget your water bottle!


Contact us for a FREE TRIAL CLASS!!

Adults Dance Classes & Event Performances

adults bollywood dance, freestyle dance austin
adults recital
Performance team

Watch Student Performance Videos on our 

Facebook Page!


Do you or your friends have a favorite song that you would love to learn the dance steps to? Or do you have an upcoming community event that you want to participate in or a contest?

We can schedule dance lessons at a location convenient for you or your friends and get you moving like those Bollywood Stars in just a couple of sessions. The pricing is very reasonable. Call us at 512-765-MNSN or send an email to for pricing and schedule. Dance lessons could be private (1-2 students) or for a group (up to 12 students).

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