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Get your much-needed ME time and set your mind free!

We believe in the fitness of mind, body & soul. Our fitness methods combine the power of two ancient techniques from the East - Yoga classes & Bollywood Dance Fitness - aiming at burning calories and strengthening muscles along with improving flexibility while connecting with your inner self. We make your fitness more fun by using a variety of dance props like decorative sticks, and colorful scarfs, as a part of the MonsoonFit program.


Get your water bottle & get MonsoonFit!

Enroll in Monsoon Fit Dance & Yoga

Contact us for a FREE TRIAL CLASS!

Our monthly packages are available for you to attend any number of Dance Fitness and Yoga classes. Individual class passes give you many options to decide your commitment and stay on track with the right motivation and no hassle.

You can choose passes for a limited number of classes (4 or 8 or 12 or 24) suited to your fitness and comfort needs. 

MonsoonFit BollyYoga program is structured to give you daily access to Yoga classes or dance fitness classes or both.

All in one single place, our own Monsoon Dance studio!

Dance. Workout. Yoga.

Be MonsoonFit!

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