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Congratulations Arjun!

American Sitara 2013


Do You have what it takes to be American Sitara 2014?

American Sitara (AKA AusIndian Idol) is an annual competition that was launched at Diwali GivingFest 2013 and is sponsored by Monsoon Dance. The final round of this year's competition will be on Diwali GivingFest 2014, October 11 at 4pm at Manor High School Cafeteria.

Three Age categories: 8-18 yrs, 19-39 yrs, 40 yrs+

Contest Registration Open NOW!! Register below..

If you have any questions, please email

At this time, we have closed taking any more registrations for American Sitara 2014 because we are past the registration deadline of Sept 14th 2014.



Diwali GivingFest is hosted by

Hindu Charities for America annually to raise funds for providing scholarships for vocational training to under-privileged students in our local community


Selection for the Title through two rounds:

Qualifying Round (QR)

Championship Round (CR)

Each contestant sings (submits in the Entry Form) one song of his/her choice in Hindi or an Indian Regional language of their choice in any of the following category (film song, private composition, semi classical song or semi classical composition only)

Max duration of the song not to exceed 4 minutes

May use a karaoke track or accompanied by live instruments (only two live instruments allowed)

Contestant cannot sing without music accompaniment (ie. either a karaoke track or live instruments are mandatory)

Set up time up to 2 minutes only (strict)

Lyrics sheet allowed only at the QR.

CR should be performed without lyrics sheet.

Solo singing (No duets singing or group singing)

Scoring Rubric:

A panel of judges will individually score a performance based on the following criterion:

Tonal Accuracy (Sur)

Sense of Rythm (Tal)

Voice Quality (Sweetness)

Diction, Expression, Articulation, & Pronunciation (each of these criterion will be evaluated separately on a scale of 1 to 5, in increasing order of perfection)

Mastery & Overall presentation Style (confidence, lyrics used or not & all of the above listed criterion will determine the mastery & overall presentation)

Audience Favorability Factor (AFF): For the CR, AFF will be considered by audience poll.

For QR: Judges Score will have 100% weightage (No AFF in QR)

For CR, Judges score & AFF will be weighted 50/50.

In case of a "Tie", AFF score will be considered final deciding factor..

In all cases the judge’s decision will be final.

Top three contestants will be selected from QR to compete in the CR.

CR will have two rounds, first round will a song in Hindi language & second roundwill be an Indian regional language song.

The topper from each age group will be awarded the "American Sitara"!!!

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